Generating client .opvn files on RUT956

Hi All,
New to both this product and open VPN but have ben assigned the task of making it work, so looking for assistance.

I’ve been through all the threads, and have spent a couple of days with similar issues to others. Does anyone know where on the 956 there is the place to generate an .opvn file (not the certificates) to give to the MacOS open VPN client when it is acting as a server?

Maybe I can’t see for looking, but others have reported similar issues, and It is thus far proving pretty frustrating. The macOS client won’t accept the certificate files separately, only the .opvn files.

Is the expectation that we build the .opvn files using a text editor?

Any help really appreciated. Like to keep using the RUT, not put a VPN server behind it if absolutely possible (this is why it was chosen, must act as a server).

Thanks heaps in advance


Yes, you should create a client.ovpn file using a simple text editor. Here are the instructions for generating the client file you need to connect to your OpenVPN server: OpenVPN Client on Windows

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Thanks for the reply.

I copied over the certificates generated on the RUT device, but only get an error upon connection attempt “Cannot parse the certificates”

The .opvn was mad as instructed. Any thoughts on this error? As the certs were made by the teltonica product this does seem strange…

The files I. used from the generated set by the RUT for the client file were:
“ca.key.pem” used as the <ca>
“server.cert.pem” used as the <cert>
“client.key.pem” used as the <key>

Tried a few combos of the above, was a stab in the dark though

Thanks again for you thoughts in advance, it would be great if there was a guide that actually describes the generated filenames that form the <ca> <cert> and <key> for the client file explicitly (or if you can, reply here…)

“somefile.pem” ------> <cert>

“someOtherFile.pem” ------> <key>

from the files generated at the modem:


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