Full storage, -FILTER file 93MB

The router reports that the flash storage is full. Router is unreliable and a lot of lagging, failure to connect, ect.

Any tips on what i can delete?
What is the -FILTER file? Takes up most of the space

root@RUTX50:~# du -sh /overlay/upper/root/*
92.9M	/overlay/upper/root/-FILTER
4.0K	/overlay/upper/root/routing_table_backup.txt
4.0K	/overlay/upper/root/testfile.txt


It’s difficult to understand what’s stored there without additional context.

If there’s no sensitive information, could you describe or provide part of what’s stored in
/overlay/upper/root/-FILTER ?

Also, could you run the command:

df -h

And take a screenshot? This would help in finding what’s taking up so much space. The output should look like this:


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Thanks for the swift reply!
Turned out to be an user error.
-FILTER was a Wireshark caputre file, wrongly stored on the router.

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No trouble at all! We’re here to assist you. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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