FTP pull/push script from LAN to WAN (lftp, routing) using RUT955

I have about a dozen RUT955 setups with the following issue:

There is a FTP server (A) in the LAN.
Files need to be transferred from (A) to an external FTP server (B), which is in the internet.
All RUT955 have openvpn client connections to same OpenVPN server.

Until now, we could access the FTP servers (A) via portforwarding and active FTP within the VPN network. A script was pulling the files from all (A) servers and pushing to external FTP server (B).

Now we had an upgrade/change in OpenVPN server settings: For some reason, the FTP servers (A) cannot be routed for FTP traffic anymore. The issue seems to be Teltonika RutOS specific.

I was thinking to put the scripts directly on the RUT955 devices. However, the RutOS does not have any FTP client software (e.g. lftp). I cannot find any package.

Can you help me? How can I install LFTP on RUT955?

Or: How can I access a LAN-side FTP server from a VPN? I checked many things for the latter: Initial Login succeeds, but “OPEN DATA CONNECTION” for active FTP fails (timeout). I suspect an issue with IPv4/IPv6, because the upgraded OpenVPN server now uses IPv6. the LAN-FTP-Servers (A) are legacy hardware and do not support IPv6.

Any help appriciated. Thanks!

P.S. there is an old community post about issues with lftp. But I cannot reply there to ask users, how they managed to install it.


Could you clarify if you are pushing the routes to the LAN network of the RUT955 via OpenVPN or if you are performing port forwarding?
If you are pushing the route to the LAN network of the RUT955, there should be no restrictions on protocols. More information can be found here: OpenVPN configuration examples RUT R 00.07 - Teltonika Networks Wiki
As for hosting the FTP server directly on the router, in the latest RutOS versions, you should be able to reach the router storage using SFTP. For testing I recommend using UI-based FTP client called WinSCP. We have a configuration example here: Upload & Download Files from RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Hello @Daumantas,

thanks for the links. We tried both route pushing and port forwarding. I will check thhe wiki infos again.

I need to host an FTP client on the router, not a server.
The task is to transfer files from server A to server B, so I need a client that can access both.
Right now, this is only the router. (There is no other device in the LAN that can be scripted or has an FTP client).

I’ve checked, and it seems like you can install LFTP using opkg.
Log into the router using CLI or SSH: Command Line Interfaces RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki
And run these commands:
opkg update (ignore the errors)
opkg install lftp
Once the package is installed, it can be interacted with using the command line. It should be noted, that this package is not officially supported by RutOS, so if any issues occur we may not be able to help. Let us know how it goes!

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Hi @Daumantas
Thanks a lot,
I could install lftp and use it as intented.

Will manually installed packages be erase during a router Firmware Update?
I saved my script in /etc/config - as far as I know, this folder is update-persistent.


The packages will most likely be erased, but /etc contents should be kept.