FTP access rejected

I cannot access to my ftp server via public ip address.
I received error: “access rejected” what should I set on firewall or somewhere?


Could You please provide more details about this problem?

  1. What Teltonika’s device are You using?

  2. Are You trying to access some external FTP server, server on Your router, or internal FTP server (for example: on Your computer)?

  3. Was the server accessible from some other device?

  4. What protocol (FTP, SFTP, TFTP etc.) and ports (are they custom ports or default ones) are You using?

  5. Is the connection to the FTP server port forwarded?

First of all, check if it is not a user authentication problem (username and password)

Then, let’s try updating firmware of the Teltonika’s device. Go to WebUI → System → Firmware → Update Firmware and update the firmware. If Your firmware is older, Your existing problems might already be fixed with a newer firmware version.

If the FTP server is in Your internal network, You should check the port forward - if it is correctly set to the device’s IP address and the correct port. This tutorial should help with port forwarding:


Another solution that could work is enabling FTP helper on LAN and WAN interfaces:

  1. In WebUI go to Network → Firewall → General Settings and disable Automatic helper assignment

  2. Scroll down to zones and edit LAN zone. In the new window, select Advanced Settings and add FTP and TFTP conntrack helpers

  1. Now do the same thing as in step 2, but for WAN interface

  2. Check again if the FTP server is reachable

If possible, please provide any additional details that would be relevant to this case.

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Thanks! Now it works. I did what you said. Additionally I change WAN’s forward policy from Reject to Allow.

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