FMC125 and DualCam SETPARAM-Result Error

Good Afternoon

I have an
FMC125 FW 03.29.00 Rev14
Configurator 1.7.54.E.DualCamSupport_R.18
Dual Cam

When selecting RS232/RS485>External UART Mode = RS232

I select DualCam in the RS232Menu, and from this point, whenever trying to save settings to device I am met with the following error

Failed to save configuration: SETPARAM_RESULT does not match

Having seen a similar article to this I see it could well be firmware-related but I am unable to use the suggested firmware here: FMC 125 and Dual Cam Configuration

I get an error when trying to install it.

Any assistance would but gladly accepted.

With thanks


Hi Ross,

Good day, please use the firmware for DUALCAM kindly download it here:

Link: Firmware
Password: 3RpOAf96

Wiki link: DualCam Firmware errata - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best Regards
Maynard C

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