Firewall-rules, Natt-ing & Co // TRB140

Hello, I need help to setup my TRB140 with settings to VPN users.
While I have setup all devices via RMS-portal and can reach them by RMS-portal and VPN-tunnel, I need further settings to firewall-rules, port forward settings and NAT settings via given handout document. This handout is not written to the TRB140 family, so it will not match for the given unit. And it will also not match to the newest firmware TRB1_R_00.07.07.1. Teltonika made several changes within their GUI, so some functions and settings are placed somewhere else now. Who can “re-write” the given handout to the TRB140 meets the new GUI for me? Thank you, I may need help in german language and this handout is in german writing, too. Cheers, Thomas

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