Finding best signal with RUTX50 + QuMax AX50M

Hello, I’m using the Teltonika RUTX50 with an external QuMax AX50M directional antenna. I’m trying to find the optimal orientation for the antenna but I’m having some trouble understanding what numbers I should focus on: RSRP, RSRQ or SINR?

Here’s what I’m currently getting:

When turning the antenna around, I can find positions with better RSRQ, but RSRP is worse in those cases, so I’m unsure what to choose. In short, what should I priroritize between RSRP, RSRQ and SINR? Thank you!


In many cases, both RSRP and RSRQ are monitored simultaneously to gain a comprehensive understanding of the signal quality. It’s essential to balance both parameters to ensure both coverage and quality of service, but the priority may depend on specific network conditions and user requirements:

  • If Coverage is a Priority : Focus on RSRP. Ensure that RSRP values are strong enough to provide reliable coverage, especially in areas where signal strength may be weak.

  • If Quality is a Priority : Focus on RSRQ. Even with strong RSRP, poor RSRQ values can degrade the quality of the signal due to interference and noise. Improving RSRQ can enhance the overall quality of communication.

As mentioned earlier, finding a balance between those two parameters typically yields the best results.

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See an example:

I don’t know what your antennas are like, these Iskra antennas have already been proven, with just two you get good signal amplification and crazy speeds.

Your goal is to have as strong a signal as possible so that all parameters are in the green, which is otherwise quite difficult

Try setting the router to use only the 4G network in the settings

What are your speeds with the current signal values?

My current speeds are 160/65 in “4G only” mode and 190/90 in “5G/4G/3G auto” mode. The latter is very close to the 200/100 cap that my mobile ISP has on the SIM card I’m using. I’m generally very happy with speed and stability, I’m merely wondering if there’s something more I could do to improve things further.

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