File transfer using SCP between RUTX11 in LAN

Please do consider below scenario
I have two router, each router is connected to NUC, and one router’s client is connected to another’s access point on 2G(so both systems are in LAN) now when i am transferring file form one NUC to another through this LAN using scp the speed is around 2 mb/s, how can i increase this speed?
i have tried increasing bandwidth from 20 to 40 MHz, but it is still same.
router - RUTX11
f/w - RUTX_R_00.07.03.3


The speed of SCP depends on the performance of both storage devices and the network throughput. The slowest component will act as the bottleneck, which may not necessarily be the Teltonika router. To confirm, use iperf to measure the transfer speed between your devices. Test with both routers in between and then with a single router or both NUCs connected directly. It’s possible that the NUCs might be slowing down the traffic.

Please note that SCP is known for providing speeds below the network speed, and some settings may need tweaking for optimal performance.

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