Feature to lock/unlock SIM cards through Router

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Do we have any feature in RUT 360 routers to Lock/Unlock SIM cards ?



While the RUT360 does not have such feature available from the WebUI, you could try using AT commands for this purpose. Specifically, the AT+CLCK command.

AT+CLCK="SC",2 //Query the status of (U)SIM card
+CLCK: 0 //The (U)SIM card is unlocked (OFF)
AT+CLCK="SC",1,"1234" //Lock (U)SIM card, and the password is 1234
AT+CLCK="SC",2 //Query the status of (U)SIM card
+CLCK: 1 //The (U)SIM card is locked (ON)
AT+CLCK="SC",0,"1234" //Unlock (U)SIM card

AT commands can be entered via WebUI in System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot → Modem Debug section. Alternatively, you can execute AT commands from the command line via CLI/SSH (username ‘root’). For example:

gpsctl -A 'AT+CLCK="SC",2'

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Thankyou will try this out. What if we forget the password. How can we change it please?

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