Failover with ping interface

Hi everybody,

I am using a Rutx50 with a 3 possibilitiies to connect my computer to internet (see diagram in attachment).

First: Mobile interface
Second one: Low bandwidth satellite connection
Third one: Low bandwidth satellite connection

In my configuration, I try to block the maximum of parasitic connection with web filter to optimize the bandwidth.

My question is about the failover.
I want to automate the switch between each connection.
For the satellite connections, I ping the interface to know if either is powered.
For the mobile interface, I try to ping for example a google dns like But I the router pinging also when a satellite connection is on. This ping is bad for my bandwidth and my low plan.
Does somebody know if it existing a solution for using failover like I want to do ?

If you need more explanation, do not hesitate.

Kind regards

The default approach for auto-failover between different WANs in openwrt (and Teltonikas dialect of which) is a regular ping (or to access a reliable web site), to know, which interfaces are successfully connected to the web. To facilitate instant switch-over to a working interface in case of broken connection. For your scenario, I would create a custom script, which is permanently active, pinging the interface in use in regular intervals. In case of failed ping, then to probe the remaining possible interfaces for successful connection. Should be possible to do this in a shell script, to be started from /etc/rc.local . Of course, this will introduce a delay between disconnection (and its detection, depending upon ping frequency) and establishment of alternate connection. You might play around with your actual auto-failover config regarding ping interval of your mobile interface, to expand the interval and to lower the fail rate, may be. To reduce redundant traffic, in case satellite active, but to keep fast failover.

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