Failover RUTx50

I am currently in the process of configuring the failover of the RUTx50.
But I cannot activate a WIFI network as failover!


Why is wifi1 disabled? I am connected to the network so I am online!
What’s wrong?



any hints what i can do?
thank you


It seems like the screenshots uploaded are corrupted, could you re-upload them?
Could you also attach a screenshot of Network → WAN page where it’s visible that the WiFi interface has received an IP address (make sure to remove any sensitive information).

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the wifi1 has received an IP and is also online


Could you describe the exact issue you are facing and how the tests are being performed? The WiFi interface seems to be up and running. Could you attach a screenshot where the network is disabled?

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I think I now know what the problem is. We rebooted the Rutx50 and now it shows “Standby” for the Wifi.
The Wifi has a Capative Portal, and we have the TravelMate package installed.
When I get back on site I can fully configure the settings

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