External router configuration - RUTX50

Hi everybody,

I try to find the solution without success.

I want to use Rutx50 in this configuration.

  • Lan 1 ( with DHCP is connected to my computer
  • Lan 2 is connected to a router with IP address is
  • Mobile Network in Rutx50 will be used after with a failover

LAN 1 is configure as below:

LAN 2 is configure as below:

I configure VLAN, static routes, and failover as below:

In this configuration, I can’t ping my router (in LAN 2) through my computer ans I haven’t access to the internet.
However, all status are in green state.
See Network Interfaces on top of this topic and Failover below:

Do you have an idea where is the error on my configuration ?
Do you need any other screenshot do understand the problem ?

Kind regards


A few notes:

  1. VLAN IDs 1 and 2 are used by the system. I suggest you put VLAN ID 2 for WAN as untagged, and remove LAN 2 port from it. You can create a new VLAN ID and add LAN port 2 to it as untagged.

  2. Currently, LAN2 is not assigned to any firewall zone. I suggest you add it to the LAN zone. You can find more information about Inter-zone communication here. This article should help you to understand how to allow or block communications between networks.

  3. Check if you have a route to the second network (here). If not, add a static route in Network → Routing → Static routes (information here).

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Hello AndzejJ,

Everything works correctly with your explanation.
My principal problem was with the firewall.
Thank you for your help.

Kind regards

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