External GPS antenna with 20m. cable

RUT956 antenna has only 3 meter of cable and it’s an adhesive antenna,
If I had the need to place the GPS antenna open-air, outside of the building (so maybe not adhesive) at a distance of about 20m, what antenna/cable should I use?
Do Teltonika has a solution for this necessity?
Thank you indeed.


Using very long cabled antennas comes with certain drawbacks, such as severe signal degradation and cumbersome management.

We do not recommend using antennas attached via extra-long cables. However, if it’s necessary, a high-quality antenna with a shielded connection cable would be required for proper functioning.

Please note that we do not offer this kind of solution. You’ll need to find a suitable solution for yourself.

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Thank you Marijus for your info!
I believe I have found an high quality antenna.
In order to get the best cable type, what is the minimum GPS signal strength (in dB) accepted by the equipment?
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You can find about signal ranges for our device more here: Mobile Signal Strength Recommendations - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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