Events Reporting, does not send email on event

Hi on Service > Events Reporting
I want to receive a email if the device started, or if the config has been changed.

When I send a test mail I receive the test, but on any real event I do not receive any email.
and there in the System event - Startup - Device startup completed
or CONFIG - dhcp configuration has been changed

any ideas?

RUTX50 - RUTX_R_00.07.06.10
RUTX10 - RUTX_R_00.07.06.10

I tried doing this a year ago’ish and i think i failed in the end after trying multiple tweaks to the syntax in the code. However, i’ve enabled this feature again and i’ll have to wait until the next scheduled reboot at 18:30hrs to find out what happens. Vaguely think i got it to work in the end by removing all the semicolons! Using %nl with or without a semicolon or slashes never worked when an event actually triggered an email.

I think that when the test email is sent, the syntax of the email is correct and mailing servers were handling the email correctly. When an actual email is sent when a configured event takes place the syntax is perhaps incorrect in some way and the mailing servers are perhaps rejecting the email perhaps because it falls foul of spamming filters or some other error trapping or simply fails mailing protocols in some way.

I seem to remember adding new lines %nl or /nl or //nl //%nl etc etc caused issues too as i wanted to format the emails better by printing data out on new lines to make the email human-readable which also failed.

Test emails with and without new lines and or semicolons always succeeded, actual event emails always failed what ever the server i used and i tried gmail, googlemail, yahoo, hotmail and

Good Luck… If you do succeed, let us / me know how you solved the issue.

just tried to send a reboot mail without any %placeholders.
I receive the test mails, but not the actual reboot event mail.

Just did two reboots, with and without newlines and or semicolons…

And i received this message when an event email is sent, test emails succeed. rejected your message to the following email addresses:
The mail client submitted this message with bare line feeds, which cannot be sent via SMTP protocol DATA command and receiving system does not support BDAT. gave this error:
SMTPSEND.BareLinefeedsAreIllegal; message contains bare linefeeds, which cannot be sent via DATA and receiving system does not support BDAT

Test messages with and without new lines and or semicolons succeed.

Actual event emails fail with or without new lines and or semicolons.

The router is configured to use microsoft servers to send the email. MS recieve the email and apear to pass it on to Yahoo who then bounce it back to Microsoft.

Found this:

This error occurs when the email program or device used to create or send an email message adds bare line feed characters into the message. When bare line feed characters are included in a message, the SMTP protocol chunking feature is required to transmit the message between email servers. Chunking uses the SMTP protocol BDAT command, but the recipient’s email server doesn’t support the BDAT command.

To fix the issue, the sender should send the message using an email program or device that doesn’t add bare line feed characters to messages. Most modern email programs don’t add bare line feed characters.

If the sender is using a device like a fax machine, printer, or scanner, it’s likely an older model that doesn’t support the SMTP protocol BDAT command. To fix this error, you’ll need to replace the device with a newer model that supports the BDAT command. The industry standard recommendation to support SMTP chunking was published in 1998 so most devices manufactured during the last decade support this feature.

Any help at all from admin as to why a test email works and an actual event email fails with an error saying that the email contains bare linefeeds and bounces undelivered.


still no update ? no one uses this function ? :face_with_spiral_eyes:
or are we the only ones with problems ?

I had set this rule up but it never worked. I guessed it was probably because the email software components hadn’t loaded before the ‘trigger’ condition was met. This is just a guess but I now just rely on the SMS sent on restart.

It would be nice to get an answer though.

I updated today to firmware 07.07.01 and noticed a setting on the mail setting ( dont know if its new)
Do not verify authenticity ON/OFF

when I turned it off , all event reporting is working… :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back on this, I’m holding off the upgrade until the FWW appears stable. Once done, I’ll give this a go. Thx, Mike

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