Event reporter triggers email send before mobile connection is up

Dear Team
We are testing events reporting with sim_switch and we have the bellow issue.
in multiple occasions when a sim_switch event occur, lets say from SIM1 to SIM2 event reporter triggers the mail send before the mobile connection over SIM2 i established.
The same also applies when the event is sim_switch from SIM2 back to SIM1.
Sim switching works as expected.
Teltonika devices:RUTX11
Firmware version:7.4.5


This is the intended behaviour. When a specific event occurs, it triggers a SIM switch. Once the SIM switch is triggered, an SMS/Email notification is sent. The device then switches to a different SIM card and attempts to establish a mobile connection with the operator, which might take some time.

If you prefer to receive SMS/Email notifications only when the device successfully establishes a data connection with the operator after the SIM switch, you can set up an event reporting rule with the type: mobile data and subtype: connected. This rule will be triggered when the mobile data connection is established. You can customize the notification message by adding additional information, such as the current SIM being used, the operator’s name, etc.

Kind Regards,

Hi AndzejJ.
Thanks for your prompt response.
Is it possible to introduce a delay for the mail sent action, from cli lets say?
The solution with the “Mobile Data” works as you describe (I receive two mails for each event, i do not know why), but i need to monitor when the device switches to SIM2.
The reason is that on SIM1 we have Private LTE (no charges) and on SIM2 we have charged base connection.
Lastly for the Router to be able to access the mail server and send the mail needs to be connected over the mobile network so if you introduce a delay for the mail sent action the issue with the SIM_SWITCH is resolved.

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