Error: "WebUI is unreachable" for RUT955 in RMS portal

On one of our RUT955 I got the error “WebUI is unreachable” when I try to start the WebUI from the RMS portal. After pressing the “UBLOCK WEBUI” button, I can access the system. It is not easily possible to make a factory reset of the device because it is in production at our customer. The firmware is up to date.

The error comes every time when I try to start the WebUI from the RMS.

How can I fix this problem?

The login Screen has a (1) at the end of the title (see attached picture), maybe this helps to solve the problem. I have already rebooted the device.


As I understood you can access devices WebUi after pressing “Unblock WebUI”. Or you are not able to access it?

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I’m able to login after pressing the button “Unblock WebUI”.

But why does the message “WebUI is unreachable” always come after starting the WebUI from the RMS portal. Is threre another seession/person who is using the WebUI in parallel?

On our other RUT955 routers, I have never seen this message.

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