ERROR - API syntax for /backup/actions/apply

Hi, I got a problem with backup apply through API. I need help with syntax (at least I think that it is syntax, still new to this).
Here is the code I need help with:
Next here is the error message I get:
{‘success’: False, ‘errors’: [{‘source’: ‘Validation’, ‘code’: 102, ‘error’: ‘No arguments provided for action’, ‘section’: ‘apply’}]}

When I look at documentation to /backup/actions/apply there is only encryption and password (which I don’t use). Here is only part of documentation I found:
“data”: {
“encrypt”: “string”,
“password”: “string”

Thanks in advance for your help.

I think you still need to provide at least the empty data object. This should work:

post_data = {"data":{}}
response =, headers =..., json = post_data)

Or with disabled encrypt value:

post_data = {"data":{"encrypt": "0"}}
response =, headers =..., json = post_data)

Thanks again for replying, I will try it next monday when I get back to it.

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