Enabling RUT 300 UPNP and OpenVPN

I have recently bought the RUT300 but cannot find an option to enable UPNP - Does it exist ?

Also I am having trouble getting OpenVPN configured

Any advice on both gratefully received


  • Thank you for reaching out. To install UPnP, kindly navigate to the "System → Package Manager" page and search for UPnP. Additionally, ensure you have activated the “Advanced WebUI” mode by clicking the “Advanced” button at the top of the WebUI.

  • Could you please provide more details regarding the issue you are encountering with OpenVPN? Your specific information will help in diagnosing and addressing the matter effectively. Additionally, I have included a link to an example OpenVPN configuration that might prove helpful in resolving any challenges you are facing. Thank you for your cooperation.
    OpenVPN configuration examples - Teltonika Networks Wiki


Hi _ Thanks for the prompt response

I’ve dowloaded the UPnP Package and enabled it - Not sure what I need to do in terms of config but at least it’s ON…

Re the OpenVPN - I am presented with a screern full of required info which I am unable to understand.

All I have from my VPN provider is shown in the fig below (Including a Static IP) with the option to download the config files. I have tried to ‘Drag & Drop’ the files into the sections provided but it is saying that more information is required :upside_down_face:

in image #2

Any additional help would be appreciated…


May I request clarification on whether RUT300 will function as a client?
Additionally, could you provide details regarding the OPENVPN server, specifically whether it is implemented through software or if you possess a dedicated OPENVPN server?

If the OPENVPN server is implemented through software, could you kindly provide the name of the application for configuring and testing the settings? Alternatively, if there is a specific link for downloading the necessary software, that would be appreciated.


Thanks for your reply… I have managed to get OpenVPN working - albeit at extremely slow speeds

I have also tried WireGuard but I cannot reconcile the Router Requirements vs what my VPN provider provides - Any ideas ?



For insights into WireGuard, please refer to the provided examples for configuration:

  1. WireGuard Configuration Example: Link
  2. WireGuard Peer To Peer Configuration Example: Link

These examples can serve as helpful guides for setting up WireGuard effectively.


Thank you for the assistance - I have tried various configs which do not seem to work :upside_down_face:.

Never mind I have the RUT300 on 30 days trial so I think I will return it for a full refund and try another branded router where there is more detailed support from users.

Thanks again !!

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