Embed packages in backup and include \root files in backup - RUT955

I have several packages, including some openwrt ones like mosquitto client that I tried to embed in a backup configuration file by doing the following:

  • Create Backup File
  • Open the Backup file and create a new folder called backup_packages in the /etc directory.
  • Add the necessary .ipk package files to /etc/backup_packages

However, the packages are not reinstalled when the backup is restored. I also had a script (.sh) file in the root folder of the RUT955 which did also not get backed up or restored. FW 7.04.

Any advice on this? Thanks.


When performing a backup, only files deemed necessary are saved. Therefore, if there are specific files or folders you wish to include in the backup, you must add their paths manually. This can be done in the /etc/sysupgrade.conf file.


Additionally, it’s important to note that creating a backup file first and then adding files to it is not the recommended approach. Instead, you should configure the device as desired, ensuring all required files are present, and then create the backup. This ensures that all dependencies are properly accounted for during the backup creation process.

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  1. I installed all the packages, and edited my sysupgrade.conf file as follows, on the device itself:

## This file contains files and directories that should
## be preserved during an upgrade.

# /etc/example.conf
# /etc/openvpn/

  1. Created backup file.

  2. Browsed the contents of this backup file. Did confirm the contents of the /root directory were present. However, the “backup_packages” folder did not make it to the backup file.

  3. I restored to factory defaults using the ‘backup’ menu of the RUT955 web interface.

  4. After rebooting and logging in with default credentials, uploaded and restored the backup file using the web interface.

  5. Browsed to the /root directory of the RUT955. Nothing there. Browsed to the /etc directory of the RUT955. No backup_packages folder was present.

  6. Manually copied contents of /root and /etc/backup_packages to RUT955.

  7. Rebooted.

  8. Found that MQTT broker (a native Teltonika app) did install itself and was configured correctly. But lib_mosquitto and other OpenWRT ipk packages did not.

  9. Rebooted.

  10. Found that RUT955 automatically deleted the backup_packages folder on its own. The other packages, like lib_mosquitto, did not install.

  11. Installed the missing packages manually.

  12. Rebooted.

So there is still something not working. At least this cuts down on some time.

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