Does the RMS Api allow me to control the relays on a TRB141?

I’m starting to look into the RMS api, however it’s not clear to me if I could use this to control a relay on the TRB141 for example? If yes, then what would this look like?


Certainly, you can control relays or execute any command remotely using SSH. The RMS platform provides a “task manager” feature that allows you to execute commands compatible with the router’s SSH functionality.

An example command to control a relay looks like this:

ubus call ioman.relay.relay0 invert_state '{"save_conf": true}'

For detailed documentation on the RMS API, you can refer to: RMS API Documentation

This documentation will guide you on using POST/GET requests and executing commands. Additionally, there are examples of requests related to tasks and their groups.

Feel free to explore the documentation for more information.

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