DNP3 Read Binary Input data, indexes over 255

RUT240, firmware RUT2_R_00.07.06.3.

Is reading Binary Input data via DNP3 TCP Client limited to the first 255 indexes?
Example: The readout step configured to read indexes from 256 to 319 returns data from indexes 0 to 63.


Here are the parameters stored in the indexes for RUT240:

You can find additional information about DNP3 for RUT240 here: RUT240 DNP3 - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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I am not trying to read parameters from the router itself.
I use the DNP3 client to read data from an external device (outstation) in the router’s LAN.
Reading binary inputs is limited to the first 256 inputs.
I can’t access any input above the 255 index.
Reading anything above this limit (255) is not possible.
Reading binary inputs from 256 to 260 gives you the state of binary inputs from 0 to 5.

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