DMVPN Package installation fails on RUT955

I have this morning factory reset an RUT955 then upgraded firmware to latest as follows:

Firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.06.6
Firmware build date 2024-02-29 12:44:10
Internal modem firmware version SLM750_4.0.6_EQ101
Kernel version 5.4.259

I then installed package BGP daemon 8.4.2-1 then tried to install DMVPN package. DMVPN package keeps failing to install. I have tried selecting INSTALL in package manager and I have also tried downloading package then installing it manually. Each time i just get a package failed to install message.

I have 30 router to migrate from old firmware to new so was setting this one up to be sure DMVPN works before i migrate live systems.

Anyone have any idea why DMVPN package would fail to install? Has anyone else experienced this? Has a solution or workaround been found?


Update: Turns out i can’t install both the BGP daemon and DMVPN as there is not enough space on the device!

I’m assuming there are many services installed on the device that we do not need. Can anyone advise on if it is possible to release space in the Flash?


Looks like the solution is to upgrade the SD card in the device.



Indeed, you’re correct. The issue primarily stems from limited flash space, with only 2.38MB of free space after the update.

2024-03-06-15-32-59-RUT955 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

Both packages you intend to install exceed this capacity.

2024-03-06-15-33-23-RUT955 Package Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki — Mozilla Firefox

Upgrading to an SD card would be a viable solution.

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Hi Marijus,

Thanks for responding. I’m looking at micro SD cards online and I see a number of micro SDHC 4GB cards that look suitable.

I note the instructions at RUT955 SD Card - Teltonika Networks Wiki state that it needs to be a micro SD card that supports 3.3Vso just wanted to check if you have a list of compatible cards you can share?

If not, I can check manufacturer specs to ensure card supports 3.3v but can you confirm that micro SDHC is compatible or must it be micro SD only?


We don’t have a list. Please check the specific value of the card yourself. Whether it’s SD or SDHC doesn’t matter much; it’s mainly a memory consideration. Just ensure you get a 3.3V card.

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