DHCP Settings on RUTX11

I have a RUTX11 which I am trying to use as a router for a 12V Starlink system. The Starlink router is not connect to the system. I have connected the Starlink dish through some yaosheng components to one of the pan ports. Having read some other posts it seems this should have been to the wan port. Can anyone confirm?

I set up the DHCP server on the RUTX11 but left the default settings.

When I look at my devices (iPhone and iPad) the ip addresses are etc. not as I would have expected.

Any help will be gratefully received.

Hello Marijus,

To clarify the connection topology of the RUTX11 with the Starlink system, I need more information about the network setup. Can you provide a more accurate description or diagram of the network topology?


  1. Which device serves as the primary router or gateway for the network?
  2. Is the RUTX11 connected directly to the Starlink terminal, or is there an intermediary device?
  3. What device or service assigns IP addresses within the and subnets?
  4. Could you provide details on how the ports of the RUTX11 are connected?

With this information, we’ll be able to troubleshoot your network issue.

Best regards,


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