DHCP server not supplying address to Raspberry Pi

I am trying to connect a Raspberry Pi to the network wit PiHole installed so I can use this as my DNS server.

I should add that this is my first Teltonika Router so I’m still learning!

The router is a RUTX-50 and has the latest firmware (modem too)

The Raspberry Pi is a Pi Zero 2-W which will only work on the 2.4Ghz frequency and is a headless device.

I connected the Pi to my laptop via Ethernet, pinged it by hostname to get the IP, SSH in to edit the wpa supplicant config and gave it the details of a 2.4GHZ test network I created on the RUTX-50

I can see it connect and disconnect from the Teltonika interface (Status/Network) but it isn’t recognising the hostname and it isn’t assigning an IP address.

The top line in the image below is my laptop, the second line is the Raspberry Pi.

The MAC address seems to be showing correctly and my laptop connects to the SSID correctly and is assigned an IP

Is this a bug or have I missed some configuration somewhere?

(I’m also surprised that I can’t see anyone else having successfully paired a Pi-Hole with a Teltonika router - but that’s a different question)

I have tested this further but always with the same result.

However, one thing I have noticed is that the Teltonika interface continues to show the Raspberry Pi as a connected wireless client even after I power it (the Pi) off.

The only way I’ve found to clear it from the list is to reboot the RUTX-50.

If I try connecting the Pi via ethernet to the RUTX-50 then it recognises the hostname and assigns a DHCP lease so it seems it’s an issue with the WiFi interface somehow.

in case it is helpful to someone in future, I resolved this by wiping the Pi and doing a clean install

Sadly this didn’t last.

Today I added some new Wireless interfaces on the RUTX-50 and doing this somehow seems to have corrupted the connection to the Pi (which is connecting on a different pre-existing interface).

It lost both hostname and IP address until I rebooted.

The MAC address of the Pi is used to assign a static lease and on rebooting both devices I was able to re-establish this, but the hostname is no longer recognised.

While I can work around it, it does sound like a bug in the Teltonika software as the Pi was working perfectly and has not been changed since then.

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