Devices offline


I have two devices active but on the RMS they both are offline.

I just installed one of them here in my office, so it’s on, with internet access and with RMS credit. So, I don’t know what the problem could be. Do I have to update something?




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Can you open the devices’ WebUI → Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS? Click on Reconnect to re-establish connection to RMS. Let me know if this resolves your issue.

If not, can you unregister the devices then register it again to RMS.



I don’t have access to the WebUi. So I just unregistered one of the devices, as suggested, and not the status is “pending” for the firmware update. I choose the “RUT2_R_00.07.04.WEBUI.bin” from the list of files,

This is a RUT240 that was working ok this summer. So, not sure why is not working now.

Any other ideas or actions I must perform to finaly update the firmware?



As connection might got disconnected while doing firmware upgrade, we can’t restart service in RMS. We can restart RMS service through WebUI or Mobile Utilities.

You can send an SMS to the Router’s Mobile number with the following syntax.
<admin router password> rms_connect to reconnect with the server. More information about SMS Utilities in this link.


Hello again,

It looks like everything is ok now. Today both devices are online.



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