Devices not connecting to RMS

We have many devices (various RUT and TRB) that have been connected to RMS in the past. We do not need access to these very often so we have let our credits slowly expire.
Recently we need to gain access to some - so we have purchased credits and enabled those devices - however after 24 hours they have not connected to RMS. ( but we know that they are online ).

These systems are very remote (over 1000kms away).

What options do we have to resolve this?


If your devices are not connecting to RMS after enabling them with purchased credits, there could be a few potential issues causing the problem. Given the remote location of the devices, troubleshooting and resolving the issue might be a bit challenging. Here are some steps you can take to try and resolve the problem:

Check Network Connectivity: Ensure that the devices have a stable internet connection. If they are located in remote areas, it’s possible that the network signal is weak or intermittent. You may need to coordinate with local technicians or network providers to address any connectivity issues.

Verify Device Configuration: Double-check the device configurations to ensure they are set up correctly to communicate with RMS. Ensure that the devices’ internet settings, APN (Access Point Name) configurations, or any other necessary parameters are correctly configured for remote access.

Firewall and Security Settings: Check if there are any firewall or security settings that might be blocking the devices’ connection to RMS. You may need to whitelist certain IPs or open specific ports to allow the devices to communicate with the RMS servers.

Check RMS Server Status: Verify that the RMS servers are operational and not experiencing any outages or maintenance periods. Sometimes, scheduled maintenance or server issues can disrupt device connectivity.

Firmware and Software Updates: Ensure that the devices are running the latest firmware and software versions compatible with RMS. Outdated software can sometimes cause connectivity issues.

Alternative Communication Methods: If the devices still cannot connect to RMS, consider alternative communication methods for accessing the devices, such as remote login or VPN, if available and appropriate for your setup.

I hope the information helps you.


Please, ensure that you enabled monitoring for the device in the RMS settings. Select your device in RMS, click on the ‘device tab’ and then on ‘manage services’. There, enable monitoring for the device.

Additionally, there were improvements made RMS connectivity in the latest 07.04.5 firmware version. Thus, if the issue persists, could you please update the devices and see if it connects then?

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