Data To Server through MQTT: password problem

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i am required to open a new post since this Teltonika rut956 - #15 by Marijus has expired.
Relatively to the last question that Marijus made me, i would reply in order:

1)does it only affect retrieval via API?
Yes, in a sense. The Data Sender work good (it publishes the message if i use the right username and password). However, if I click on the eye icon to view the password, ‘set’ appears, even if I have saved and applied the correct one.

2)What API request are you using?
I am using this one: /data_to_server/servers/config

  1. Additionally, is the MQTT password saved correctly in /etc/config/data_sender or as “set”?
    I still have to check this.

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Can you provide an image of how it looks when you click on the eye icon to view the password, ‘set’ appears?

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here the prove:
(before save and apply)

(after save and apply)


I notice you’re using an earlier firmware version. In newer versions, the password option needs to be enabled additionally. After saving, it won’t show up, but it can still be found in /etc/config/data_sender. Please check if the password in this file has been changed, as it’s important for correct functioning.

Additionally, this “set” might just be a small frontend bug that shows the password state when it shouldn’t. Could you please tell me which firmware version you are using?

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Hi Marijus,
did you see the last message? Here is reported the info about the firmware version. It should be the last update, and there aren’t newer ones.
Do you agree?
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