Data to Server collector limits (TRB245)

We use an TRB245 to collect Modbus data from multiple stations on the bus. These data we want to forward to an MQTT broker, each station under a different topic.

Now we noticed, there is a limit of 10 collectors which is a problem. Is there any chance to bypass this limit at own risk of stability?

I also found this Thread in the old forum: TRB140 DATA TO SERVER MQTT 10 TOPICS LIMIT - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks . Here someone had the same problem and an extension of this limit was announced in 2021. Is there any update about it?


The solution was described here: RUT956 Firmware 7.06.3 (DATA TO SERVER) - #3 by AndzejJ
However, it does involve manually editing the configuration file/UCI values, and we cannot guarantee stability if the limit is raised.
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