Data to Server Azure IoT sends hundreds of messages

I have an RUT956 with firmware RUT9M_R_00.07.05.

I installed Azure IoT package.

I have enabled Modbus TCP Server on port 502.
I have enabled Modbus TCP Client to poll address 142 with a length of 2 and 32bit INT 1,2,3,4 data type.
The period is set to 10.

I have an analog input connected to the correct inputs. When I press the Test button I can see the analog input value (e.g. 3192 = 3.192V).

I configured Data to Server to send Modbus requests to Azure IoT at a send interval of 10.

I turned on Azure Iot Hub Monitor to watch messages in Visual Studio Code.

For example:

[IoTHubMonitor] [4:37:21 PM] Message received from [TemperatureProbe/Teltonika1]:
  "TemperatureProbe": {
    "timestamp": 1699950410,
    "date": "14/11/2023 16:26:50",
    "bdate": null,
    "server_id": 1,
    "bserver_id": 1,
    "addr": 142,
    "baddr": null,
    "full_addr": "400142",
    "size": 4,
    "data": "2941",
    "raw_data": null,
    "server_name": "AnalogInput",
    "ip": "localhost",
    "name": "AnalogInput"

There are two strange behaviours.

  1. The problem is that the Teltonika router sends about 2000k messages in 5 minutes!
    I configured the intervals to 10 in the ModbusTCP client and in the Azure IoT configuration, which I assume is in SECONDS? Not milliseconds? Why is it flooding Azure IoT with so many messages?

  2. It doesn’t just send the most recent message, it sends every reading since Modbus TCP Client was configured. Even if I turn off the Modbus TCP Client and turn it back on again, or turn off the Data to Server, it seems to buffer all of the messages. Hundreds of messages. Why does it buffer every previous message?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, of if this is a bug with the Azure IoT package. I was using AWS IoT MQTT using certificates and that was working fine with the same Modbus TCP Client configuration.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Please, update to the latest v7.05.4. This should fix these issues. There were some rare bugs found in regards to Modbus database on v7.05 when used with Data to Server. Under certain conditions it was sending old data that it had in Modbus database. However, this was fixed with the new firmware. I would suggest updating with ‘keep settings’, but if there will be issues after, you may need to reset the device to factory defaults.

Kind Regards,

can you make tutorial sir?

You mean me? Or Teltonika staff?

Thanks Andzej I will try to upgrade the firmware and see what happens.

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