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Hello ! my name is George and iam an owner of a teltonika rutx50 in greece . Recently i read from the forums of the community about the multiple apn know as “multiple pdns” so i communicated with my isp and got enabled the public ip option . So i created two interfaces one that has a public ip apn ( lower speeds )
and one that is behind a cg-nat router (no public ip apn). So my question is : How can i route some specific devices from my lan to connect specific to the public ip apn interface so i can reach them from the “outside” world such as my nvr ? :smile:

Thank you in advance if anyone has a guide to help me in this.

@g3otsek - hello also from Greece.

If I understand correctly, you want device A on your LAN to always use PublicIP and all other devices to use CGNAT. You have interface X for PublicIP and interface Y for GCNAT.

A firewall rule should work.

Send all packets from source address of device A to the network inteface X (PublicIP).

Default routes should be to interface Y (GCNAT).

You will need NAT rules on both interfaces.

If you are accessing device A from another LAN (behind another router) you may need static routes (or firewall rules for routing) on that LAN.

Let me know if I understood correctly and if this works.


As mentioned by @dmteltonforum a firewall rule can work based on your requirement. Kindly find this wiki article for your reference - RUTX50 Firewall - Teltonika Networks Wiki

In addition, you can also utilize LAN Traffic Splitting through advanced static routes (Policy based routing).
You can follow the configuration here in our wiki article as well -LAN Traffic Splitting Using Advanced Static Routing Rules - Teltonika Networks Wiki
Note that ’ MOB2S1A1’ interface in the wiki is used for example only. In your case, you can do the configuration on the desired mobile interface.

Hope this helps.

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@dmteltonforum Thank you for the quick response to my problem ! Thats exactly what i want! I am already pursuit this solution you mentioned me . When i reach to a solution i will comeup !
Thank you again

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