Continuously dropping mobile network connection

Hello all,

I have installed an RUT906 with a roaming SIM on a customer’s site in England as part of a PoC. After initial configuration there was no issue with the connection, remote access being stable, VPN was also stable and according to RMS the modem information was being sent without issues.

After around 50 hours the device’s connection to RMS dropped even though the mobile service provider was advising it had an active session and could not see any issues. The issue was that I could not establish a stable connection to the device, and it stopped reporting the modem information to RMS. After some trial and error, we established the only way recover the connection was to send the ‘restore’ command as neither the ‘reboot’ or ‘reset_conn’ commands appeared to have any affect.

I have had a second development / test RUT906 up and running for a longer period without any significant issues. I also have RUT200 and TRB140 units for trial purposes without any significant issues outside of ones caused by myself.

Question one is, is it possible to pull logs from a device that is registered but not connected to RMS and which you can’t easily physically access?

Question two is, does RMS have any logs that could show what is happening when the device does connect but then drops off without transmitting any modem information apart from the non-static IP address?

I would really appreciate any help as I have been trying to resolve this issue seemingly without any real success.




It is hard to say what is the issue here because when the issue occurs, the device is not reachable and the only way to communicate with it is via SMS messages.

How often are these disconnects? Does it reconnects on itself after some time?

Whenever the issue occurs, could you please try sending a Status SMS message to see if the device still has internet connectivity?

If ’ reboot’ and ‘reset_conn’ does not restore connectivity, but ‘restore’ does, then, the issue is likely related to device configurations. Could you perhaps share some of the configurations that you have on this device?

Also, would it be possible for you to get physical access to the device at some point? If so, could you please download a troubleshoot file from it when the issue occurs, but before restarting or restoring the device? If you can do that, please attach logs from System log file.

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Hi Andzej,

Thank you for responding, I have added the latest log below from the RMS portal but removed IP addresses and replaced them with a number. I am assuming that when there is no modem temperature data that there is no proper connection established with the portal, am I correct with this assumption?

Dynamic_data_information_1028559_2024-01-26 13_56_37_NoIP.7z (6.4 KB)

I will ask the service provider to send the status SMS for me and report back on the response received.

I am replacing the device next week with a completely fresh SIM and basic (mobile connections & failover) configuration which will be tested before sending out. When I have had the existing device retrieved, I will be able to download the logs and attach here for you.

I have been speaking with our SIM provider and the SIM appears to have established a connection, yet it does not appear to be stably connected to RMS. By stable I mean send values such as modem temperature.

I have another unit in our test location that seems to be stable and it is running a similar configuration.


Good morning Andzej,

Would you have any further update on this as I am in conversation with both the SIM provider and their service provider to try and determine what is causing this unexpected behaviour. The missing piece of the puzzle at the moment is the connection logs / conversation between the device and RMS.

Any help would be very much appreciated.



Hello @AltHeatAlan,

Apologies for the delayed response.

Unfortunately, these logs do not provide much insight into the issue and just indicate that there were some connectivity issues. To get logs from the RMS platform, we would need some additional information about your RMS account. Due to public nature of this forum, we cannot exchange this kind of information securely.

Perhaps you had the opportunity to get system logs from the device meanwhile?

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Hi @AndzejJ ,

At the time of your response, I was on-site exchanging the units in question for new units (RUT906 & TRB143) with new SIM cards. At the same time I retrieved the existing units and, other than powering them up for 8-10hours in the hotel room, I have not changed any of their configuration.

The units I retrieved are currently powered down and I have them in the office with me. Could you please advise where I need to look for the log files on each of the devices?

Many Thanks,


Hello @AltHeatAlan ,

The logs are stored in RAM memory and thus, are lost when the device is powered off or restarted. Perhaps you could power-up one of those devices with old SIM and leave it working for some time? When the issue reoccurs, please navigate to System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot and view system logs. Please, copy the logs that were generated around the time when the issue occured, and share them here. Before doing so, please check the logs and hide/blur any sensitive information that may potentially be there, such as Public IP addresses, serial numbers, etc.

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