Connection State - Failure (Expired License)


I am trying to help a customer enable the gateway access to the RUT 241_9BB7 device.

However, we are stuck at the "Connection state - Failure (Expired License) message after trying to connect.
Serial number to the device is 6000676953.

Please help,


Hello Jason

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Regarding your query, This error message usually comes when the account is out of credit or when the credits are not assigned to device. Could you kindly check and let us know if the account has credits and the Monitoring has been turned ON

Please revert to us in case the issue persists


I guess I’m not totally understanding this credit situation.
First, are you speaking about credits on the Wallbox account? Or does the customer/installer have to establish credits after logging into the site?

I don’t think I’ve heard of other installers experiencing this issue with credits when it comes to installation of the gateway.
This is our usual process that should be followed when it comes to installing and setting up the gateway:

So I don’t see any mention of credits here.

Also, if there are supposed to be credits established on the Wallbox side (and not the customer/installer) what would be the login for the Wallbox account to Teltonika?

Please let me know as I have a call with the customer / installer a little later today.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, The connection state failed is shown for our RMS (remote management system) This should not interfere with the router capabilities
It shows the failure as you have not linked it with an RMS account.

Let us know if you are using this service, if not this will not be a concern,
Let us know if it is causing any issue


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