Connection from WAN to RUTX11 via mobile network not working

Hello all,
we are trying to connect to a device in the LAN of the RUTX11 via the mobile network.
The connection LAN to WAN works fine but unfortunately not the other way around.
A port forwarding rule for the device is added.
Pinging the routers external IP from WAN does not give a response though.
So far i have tried enabling masquerading in firewall zones LAN->WAN and lowering the MTU as suggested in another post.
Any help would be aprreciated!


Please make sure that the mobile interface IP does not start with 10.x or 100.x because these are not public IP addresses. The operator performs additional NAT, and such IPs are not reachable over the public internet.

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Marija S.


thank you very much for your response.
This seems to be the problem. We will change the SIM to an IoT capable one.

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