Connecting two separate modems to PR1KCL28

I am planning a setup with two parallel LTE modems: 1x RUT951/6 LTE router with 2 LTE antenna connections and 1x internal Quectel EC25 also with 2 connections (+GNSS) as a backup.

Would it be possible to operate both devices (with shared ground/power supply) simultaneously on the PR1KCL28 quad LTE antenna? Would be great as I’m quite limited in terms of space.

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Did you know that there’s a RUT model which has 2 SIM’s/modems and can operate both at the same time (yes, in parallel)?
Would this make your usecase a bit easier to realize?

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Thanks for your reply! Yes, sure I know. That’s what this Antenna is made for, I guess?
It’s more like the device behind the router has the modem inside anyway and It would be nice to have it usable.
The RUTX12 is a bit pricy :wink:

Okay - just wanted to make you aware but you know already - even better :slight_smile:
Yes RUTX12 is not the cheapest but a really nice box - for a proper usecase.


Yes, it’s possible because all the antennas inside are separate and each one is not directly connected or linked. To put it simply, each SMA connector is connected to only one antenna. There might be some interference, but it would have to bee tested.

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