Connecting to SIM WAN networks using SSH and VPN

Hi there!

I have several Teltonika TRB142 IoT datalogger that I use to collect data from different buildings’ metering systems.

I’d like to remotely connect to these devices but the main problem is that these devices use normal IoT SIM cards which do not have public static IP, so it’s impossibile (as far as I know) to SSH into them, without using the RMS, of course.
I’d like to find a different way, to save some traffic data and to easy the procedure by making it available in the command line and capable of sharing data from my local file system.

I read a lot about creating a VPN, but I don’t know how to proceed from here and since I don’t have enough experience with VPN in general, I wanted to ask for some guidance on the topic.

Is it possibile to create a VPN, maybe on an external server, from which I can connect to the different devices in SSH? The devices are connected to the internet, so I think some kind of tunnerling would be possibile.
Do you have or can you share any documentation on how to do that?
Even a rough sketch of the system could be useful!

Thank you for any hint, it would be very much appreciated!

Dear Giacomo,

Thanks for reaching us, For your requirement, you can consider using ZeroTier, a versatile and user-friendly software-defined networking solution. ZeroTier simplifies the process of creating a virtual LAN and allows you to connect devices seamlessly, even if they are behind NAT or using dynamic IPs.

Please refer to the link provided below for configuration details.


Hi @Mahmoud-Basiouny,

Thank you very much for your fast response and very accurate hint.
I managed to setup the entire thing in less than 10 minutes and now I’m able to connect to the TRB through the VPN, so thank you very much.

I’m a little bit concerned about the network consumption of such a solution, since we are planning not to use flat plans but consumption based ones.

Do you think this layer would affect the network usage or not?

Again thank you very much


You can keep track of mobile data usage through a web-based interface, as shown in the image below.

You can also set data limitations using the provided features.

You can Enable the data connection limit as well.


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