Connecting RUTX11 to rms says licence expired

I am trying to connect a pre used RUTX11 to my RMS account but i keep getting an error saying Licence expired.

Perhaps previously connected but now expired?

It seems you are trying to reuse a RutX11 device that was previously activated under someone else’s RMS account, and the license tied to the original owner has since expired. When these RutX11 units are first set up and connected to an RMS account, a unique activated license gets assigned to that specific user. So if you are attempting to repurpose a used device, an expired permit error is expected. Unfortunately these licenses cannot be transferred or renewed once they lapse. Your best bet is to acquire a brand new RutX11 unit and go through the initial RMS onboarding process to activate your own perpetual license. That will ensure full functionality going forward. Let me know if any other questions! Reusing temporary licenses often causes headaches down the road.

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately sometimes we have to use what we have got and not just buy new.

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