Connecting raspberry pi to router

Hi, I’m trying to connect via ethernet a raspberry pi model 3 to my router (model trb245). When I do that it gives the rpi an IP but when I try to ping it with my computer it shows me “host unreachable” and I cannot have acces to the internet. What can be the problem?
Here is the ifconfig of the raspberry connected to the router:


The issue is most likely that your WiFi and Ethernet connections are in the same network ( Try changing the LAN IP address on the TRB245 to any other private network (e.g. or change the WiFi network IP address and that should resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

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Hi! I don’t understand very well what you mean. I tried changing the statit IP of the raspberry, here’s the new one:
but it still does the same error, destination host unreachable.
I sthere any option to connect them via wifi with the trb245?
Thank you very much

I tried to ping with only the router connected (no wifi) and still the same problem.

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