Connecting an IP camera to Teltonika RUT360

Hi all,

Im struggling to get thet RUT360 connected to my IP camera despite performing a classic setup:

Created a forwarding rule for port 83 (tried with port 80 but the same results, I need port 83 anyway.
Allowed remote access via HTTP and HTTPS
Still nothing works from outside of the router’s network.

Basically, when physically connected (via ethernet) or via WIFI to the router’s network I can log into the camera’s interface, no issues.

If I try to access camera or router through the public IP as shown ot the router, I can log into the router console and also access the camera, BUT only while still connected to the router’s network. If I disconnect the ethernet cable or switch off the WIFI and connect to another network (or try trough a mobile phone), I cannot access the external IP at all. If I connect back the ethernet cable to the router or switch back ON the WIFI, I can log to the camera again via the port 83 as set in the port forwarding rule.

Everything I try within the router’s network works well, but everytime I try to access from outside of the router’s network, nothing happens. The pages just not loading.

Any ideas about how to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.


To rule out the most common issue, are you sure you have a static public IP address? Could you try disabling all port forwarding rules and only enable “Enable remote HTTP(S) access,” then attempt to reach your router using that public IP address from another WAN source? Can you do that?

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