Connect two RUT955 with different LAN

have two RUT955 with Mobiles (SIM) WAN in different LAN’s:

RUT955_1 - LAN
RUT955_2 - LAN

both RUT955 have:

  • enabled DHCP;
  • enabled “Use WAN port as LAN”.

need make connection that one device from RUT955_1 can connect to other device from RUT955_2: for example →

it’s possible?

Yes. With VPN. May be, you will need intermediate machine, having public IP.

Beware, is a public address did you mean a value in the 172.16…172.31 range?
You can use zerotier or RMS if you don’t have a public address.

yes, misclick - RUT955_2 - LAN
RUT955_1 - LAN

I need coonect both RUT with cable.


If you want to connect both RUT955 via cable locally, you can either configure one of the ports on one of the devices as a WAN or VLAN.

For instance, you can set up a WAN or VLAN port on RUT955_1, configure it to obtain an IP address via DHCP from RUT955_2, and then physically connect it to the LAN port on RUT955_2. Following this, on RUT955_2, you’ll need to add a static route for the subnet through the IP address of the WAN (or VLAN) port on RUT955_1.

Now, if you choose to configure the port as a WAN, you’ll need to assign it to a different firewall zone than “mob1s1a1” because both the wired WAN port and “mob1s1a1” are in the same firewall zone by default, which blocks incoming connections. Hence, you need to split them. This can be done by editing WAN interface in Network → Interfaces → edit WAN → Firewall settings → Set custom firewall zone (whatever name you want). Then, navigate to Network → Firewall and change Input/Output/Forward for your new zone to ACCEPT.

Alternatively, if you opt for configuring a VLAN, it’s recommended to use one of the LAN ports for simplicity, as port-based VLAN configuration cannot be used to set up a VLAN on the WAN port.

Static routes wiki here.
VLAN information here.

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it’s works
only one change - I set static IP for RUT955_1 port (IP from RUT955_2 network)


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