Connect to device on RUT956 LAN thru OpenVPN

I’m just trying to connect remotely to a device at which is connected to a LAN port of a RUT956, using OpenVPN, and am having trouble (can’t ping, etc.). The RUT956’s LAN IP is I can log into the router just fine through RMS, and when I do an auto scan on RMS VPN>VPN hubs>[my hub]>Routes>Add Route>Auto Scan>Device>[my device]>Scan Device my device at comes up, and I can add the route. But can’t ping or connect to it through the ports I normally use. (Ping is enabled in Management>Devices>Firewall>Traffic Rules>…for Source zone: wan.)

My virtual network address is and my IP address under “Sessions” under VPN hubs>[my hub]>General>Sessions is, whatever that means.

Any help much appreciated!


Could you please specify if you can reach your RUT956 via its VPN IP? If not, we should resolve this issue first before checking why you cannot reach the LAN device.

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By its VPN IP do you mean the described above? If not, where do I find that?

When I try that IP I get a blank white screen after a warning that my connection isn’t private and after the browser spins for a long time, although the browser identifies it as “Teltonika Networks”.


Ok so I tried another site with the same router with the same VPN IP ( and I got a login screen. So what can I do to get that on the site in question??


…I looked at all the settings I can think of and couldn’t find a difference between the working site and this one. Any thoughts appreciated!