Connect existing network to Zerotier via RUTX10

Hi, I bought a RUTX10 to just connect an existing network (192.168.0.x with its own router) to Zerotier. Now I connected LAN1 of the RUTX10 to that existing network and defined a static IP for the RUTX ( I also setup the Zerotier package, however it turns out that nothing works as the RUTX does not have internet access and of course cannot access Zerotier. I expected to find an entry for default gateway and DNS server on the static LAN interface options, but there is only IP and netmask.
Any help is welcome,

In the meantime I managed to connect to Zerotier, however for some reason the Tektonika’s IPv6 address gets injected into the list of DNS servers that are distributed via DHCP to my Windows domain and this causes the domain to not function properly. Any idea why this could be the case?

UPDATE: I expect this is caused by the IPv6 settings “Router Advertisement-Service” and “DHCPv6-Service” which seem to cause problems if the RUTX is not the main router.

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