Confirmation of new Internal Modem Firmware

I recently went to the local Teltonika distributor and upgraded the internal modem firmwares for my two 950’s.
I would like to confirm that these firmware versions are indeed the latest?
I am finding two bugs in the menu of this firmware, hence my question…


The version of the internal modem is new. However, the version of the internal modem has nothing to do with the ‘bugs in the menu’. The internal modem (and firmware) is responsible for the mobile connectivity. The advice is usually to avoid updating the internal modem firmware, unless there are some serious mobile connectivity issues that are not related to, for example, configurations or signal parameters.

The firmware of the device itself is responsible for the WebUI menu, configurations and functionalities. It seems that you have the latest RUT9_R_00.07.05 firmware version installed.

Could you please provide more details about the bugs that you have found in the menu?

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Ok, firmware confirmed, thank you.

Bugs: The issue seems to be with MacOS Safari 13.1.2.
Network->LAN->Edit. The “Discard” button in different options does not work. In some windows the “Cancel” button also does not work. I have to use the browser refresh button to reset the page as I cannot continue with clicking either one of the two available buttons.
It seems to work with Firefox on the same Mac. Perhaps it is not a bug but unsupported browser of late? Previously on RUT firmware 7.4.5 this was not the case yet.


Have you tried clearing cache in your Safari Web browser?

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Yes I have, still does not work

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