Configuring load balancing on RUTx08


I have a RUTX08 with 3 x WAN connections (LTE modems) and want to create proper load balancing between them to increase bandwidth for connected devices.

Have them set to 5:2:1 balance between the WAN connections. All of them are in group 1.

When WAN 1 goes offline, the devices connected to it do not seem to connect to the other online 2 WAN connections.

What is the best way to configure it so that it splits the load between the 3 WANs and when one goes down the connected devices will connect to the next WAN? And when WAN is online again the load will be balanced over all 3 again.



Could you try editing the interfaces, and adding Disconnected option to the Flush connections on field?
This option will cause all connections that used this interface to be dropped, and once they reestablish they will be router over one of the other interfaces.

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Do I add the flush on disconnected on all the WAN interfaces in the load balancing configuration so that if any of them go down the connections on that specific interface will then be routed to the other available connections?
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