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I have a fleet with more than 100 RUT240 devices. They have reached the end of life and now I am switching to RUT241/RUT200. Fortunately Teltonika provides a tool to sync configuration parameters between devices of different types.
I really like the approach to store configs in a json file.

Anyhow my usecase needs a little more functionality because I also want to deploy files. One file is the rc.local to install additional packets and another file that lives in /www/cgi-bin/ which is deployed there from /etc/ by the first script.

Currently my workflow is to generate a backup and deploy that on every router, with multiple device types this flow could cause a lot of headache.

Are there any plans to deploy files via the config tool?
Can you give me some hints to get away from the backup-workflow?

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Perhaps RMS Task Manager can be used in your case? This way, you can create a task, and execute it on multiple devices at once whenever you need to. Task manager can be used to run custom commands (including opkg), as well as upload files to the devices from RMS.

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