Configuration for RUTX11 as an access point

I’m trying to configure the RUTX11 as a wireless access point for my home network. I assumed it would be easy, but there doesn’t seem to be a mode for that specific use.

Basically, at least for the time being, I want to keep using my ISP-provided modem-router combo as the router on the network. The RUTX11 is wired to the router (LAN > WAN) and it would need to have the same WiFi SSID/key.

I’m struggling at the very first step of making the RUTX11 act as a simple extension of the router’s network.

First, I wanted the RUTX11 configuration to be accessible from devices connected to the router, so I made an IP reservation for the RUTX11 in the router within the DHCP range. For example, say that the router IP is “”, I gave the RUTX11 “”. However, the configuration stays inaccessible from devices connected to the router. I could just enable HTTP WAN access, but that doesn’t seem like the right approach because the RUTX11 should see the router as being part of the same network. Ideally, the configuration should be accessible at “”, whether devices are connected to the router or the RUTX11.

Secondly, devices connected to the RUTX11 receive an IP address from the RUTX11’s DHCP instead of the one of the router. If I disable the RUTX11’s DHCP, I just don’t get any IP on the devices. I don’t really know how to make it so that the router hands down the IPs instead.

I have a feeling I may need to disable the firewall but I’m not sure.

Any guidance would really help!
Thank you!

Hi Philippe,

if you connect the WAN side of your RUTX11 to your provider’s modem/router
then the RUTX11 creates a LAN of its own. You don’t want that.

Instead deactivate the WAN interface completely and also deactivate DHCP on
the RUTX11. Then connect a LAN port of the RUTX11 to a LAN port of your provider’s

Then, if your router is at and your RUTX11 is at everything should
work as expected.

You also should set the default gateway and DNS server addresses of the RUTX11
to the IP of your provider’s router.

Timelapse Admin

Thank you for your reply! This works as intended but I also hoped to be using WiFi WAN as backup, as well as the SIM card in last resort. For now, I’ve given up on this setup and I’ve put my ISP modem-router in bridge mode so that it acts as a modem only.