Config File Upload

Hi everyone, i’m trying tu upload config file into a TRB500 but there is a problem, my CLI freeze when i do the command to import the config file.

i achieved it a week ago but now my TRB500 just freeze when i upload, any suggestions?


Instead of typing:

uci import /tmp/config.txt

give this a shot:

uci import </tmp/config.txt

And remember to follow it up with:

uci commit

This commits your changes. After that, you’re good to reboot, and the changes should take effect.

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Thank you for you help,
do you know if it’s possible to partially change the configuration using this method?
for exemple change only the mobile data limit?



Yes, for this you can use uci set. So the full command would look like uci set quota_limit.mob1s1a1.data_limit='2000'.
This would increase mobile data limit to 2000MB for a configured period. In general, you can execute “uci show” to show all current device settings.

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but i can’t fusion 2 config files to change only 1 parameter, for example i have a config file with only my data limit parameters nothing more, can i do a command to commit this configuration in my TRB500?



Yes, you can. Only the configuration file differences will be adjusted. So if the only difference is in the data limit, only that change will be applied.

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I have to copy the whole configuration file and modify what I need. I can’t have a configuration file with just the parameter line I need?


Yes, you can, but in cases like that, using the command uci set <some_config> would be more appropriate.

Thank you i’ll aply your tips