Communication between two ETHERNET devices

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Is it possible to make a constant connection between two different LAN networks using two Teltonika routers ? (for example : PLC to PLC communication).


I recommend considering the use of a VPN for this scenario. When devices are connected to the same virtual private network (VPN), they are treated as if they are on the same private network, allowing them to communicate securely even over the internet.

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Hello Marijus,

Let’s assume using RUT241 on both sides,
Is it possible to make a constant VPN connection between the two sides ?
If yes, which rules should I make in the router ?


To set up your VPN, navigate to Service → VPN and configure the VPN you’ve chosen. Remember, most VPNs need a static public IP or DDNS. Here are some configuration examples for setting up multiple VPNs: VPN Configuration Examples.

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