CloudConnexa with RUT956

Hi all, I have set up the RUT956 as a client using cloudconnexa to create a opvn file following this guides here , and it shows that my connector is connected on the cloudconnexa and on the WEBUi as well but i just cant find the devices that are connected behind the router when i try to ping them from a computer(OpenVPN Connect running) on different network.

Your assistance on the matter will be highly appreciated on the matter.


Seems like a missing route. Could you please check on the CloudConnexa if you have the local LAN network of RUT956 added to network/IP service/route settings on the cloud?

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i just added the RUT956 LAN IP on the cloudconnexa but i still cant ping/access the devices, please advise on what to do.


If you are using a Windows machine, can you run ‘route print’ from the command line to check routes? There should be a route to RUT956 LAN via some cloud IP address. Is it there?

Also, check Network → Firewall settings on RUT and ensure masquerading for OpenVPN zone is enable. Forwarding from OpenVPN to LAN should also be allowed.

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Thanks for the assistance i finally came right , the problem was with routing and masquerading was disabled… thanks for the help much appreciated

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