Clarify some Teltonika and RMS doubts


I’m new to Teltonika devices. I joined a company that manages around 50 RUTX devices, working as backup internet for the Routers.
The main issue I faced with these devices is that there is no external management because they work in bridge mode. Sometimes, the mobile network does not properly update the DHCP from the provider, and I need to renew/release the mobile interface or, in work cases, reboot the device.
As I understand, the only way to manage them is by their GW IP from a device in the Router LAN. Or a static route in the Router pointing to the Teltonika LAN IP. For both ways, I need to be in the LAN to manage it.
I found a way to set up the Teltonika WAN interface with the Router LAN IP to create a NAT from the Router and get access to the Teltonika by a PAT. It works, but I must manually connect all the Teltonika devices from the WAN port to my LAN switch.
After a quick research, I found RMS and understood I can manage the device even if it is in NAT or Bridge mode.

I added two devices to my RMS account. One with the Teltonika WAN interface on the Router LAN and another as default in the company. In the first one, I had to add DNS to allow it to work with the RMS. The second device is not connecting even though I set up the DNS or the IP address for RMS.

I have a few questions related to it:

  1. Will my devices in bridge mode without a WAN interface setup be unable to connect to the RMS?
  2. Is the Teltonika WAN setup, as I did, the only option I have?
  3. Can I manage all my devices for free with the basic account in RMS?
  4. Do I need to pay a licence for each device after 30 days of adding them?

Sorry for the long text, and thanks for your help.


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