Careful if you have a nano sim

Received my rutx50 today and it’s going back.

Had to use one of the adapters as my sim is a nano size.

carefuly placed on the adapter (I’ve used these before with phones so not my first rodeo)

Carefully slid the tray in and heard a noise that suggested sim and adapter had possibly parted company so ejected tray.

Sure enough adapter but no sim.

Moved device from side to side and could hear the sim rattling round inside, after turning it upside down and shaking it a bit it spat out the sim.

Tried again but noticed this time the front of the tray (that says SIM on it) wasn’t lining up, concerned about ending up in a worse state carried on, powered up the device and it registered rthe presence of a sim and logged onto the mobile network.

I proceed with setup, updated the firmware and put the details in for my fibre broadband (PPPoE) connection.

Had an issue with a couple of IoT devices not working and during my troubleshooting I managed to delete the LAN details (my fault) so device became inacessible.

Turned onit around to access reset button and procceded with factoury reset.

Device came back up and 3g 4g and 5g lights were flashing.

UI indicated the card was not inserted.

Treid to eject tray but it wouldn’t move.

If it caannot cope with gentle movement within a home I dread to think what might happen on a vehicle.

It’s a real shame as the software looks to be able to do what I bought it for (to provide a failover if my home connection goes down to a mobile backup with automatic fallback when the connection recovers but someone really needs to look at the lack of any sort of sim enclosure within the device to prevent this happening or better still, why not just the nano sim form factor and impreve the fit and finish of the sim trays.

I’ve had to report my sim lost (I’m back on my old router) and am requesting return instructions from the retailer I bought it from for a refund.

for a device that retails at £460 in the UK and is marketed as an industrial router I’d have expected far better.

On first glance the thing looks like it’s built like a tank.


We are sorry that you’ve had a bad first experience with RUTX50.
It could be, that the SIM tray was inserted incorrectly, thus it got stuck. This could happen if the tray was slid in at an upwards or downward angle and got lodged in between the front panel and the actual SIM tray mechanism.

To address this issue, we recommend removing the front panel of the device using a 2.5 hex bit. This should allow for the tray to be freed without causing any damage to the device. We assure you that this action will not void your warranty, provided that no physical damage occurs within the device during the process.

It is important to note that the SIM mechanism is designed to withstand vibrations, ensuring that the motorhome’s movements should not pose any challenges once the SIM card is securely inserted.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

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